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Dance and Injury

I just sent this email to my psychologist friends, and perhaps you folks would have an idea or two on the subject:

At some point for physical therapy (I'm working towards getting into a graduate physical therapy program)I'm going to have to take a class about the psychology of the disabled. What I'm wondering is does there exist an area of psychology that deals with the psychology of athletes and non-permanent injuries? I just wonder because I have to deal with my own unnecessary mental babbling whenever I get slightly injured or am too sore to dance full-out. This morning, for instance, my left knee was not all that pleased. I had to stop dancing twenty minutes before class was over because the piece we were working on was too much for it. I knew at the time that nothing serious was happening and that my teacher could probably tell I wasn't feeling up to par, but I still get very depressed or at least very critical and just mean to myself whenever I stop dancing because of pain. I know it's stupid to dance despite feelings of pain and that's why I don't do it. Every time, though, I always feel like I'm coping-out and making an excuse to be lazy. Crazy talk, I know. I'd like to read up on this, if possible. If you have any leads of where or whose writing I could start looking in to, that would be swell.

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